Love Empowerment Lounge

Friday, May 10, 2024 London LGBTQ+ Community Centre 60-62 Hopton Street Thames Path, Bankside London SE1 9JH

Discover your authentic self in our monthly Love Empowerment Lounge — a safe and supportive space.

We start with icebreakers to build connections, then explore the calming effects of breath and guided meditation for a peaceful beginning.

Dedicated to self-discovery, our sessions focus on personal growth through introspection, fostering resilience. Engage in open discussions to share experiences, creating a supportive community that values diverse perspectives.

Each session ends with unity, gratitude, and connection, leaving us with a deeper understanding of ourselves and a strengthened community bond.

About the facilitator:

Imale, an accredited Relationships and Sex educator and artist, passionately guides transformative journeys, intertwining support for sexual, sensual, creative, and wellness needs.

Creating communal safe havens for exploration, fostering mycelium-like connectivity, where the personal and collective merge in harmony against the chaotic canvas of life’s challenges. Facilitating inclusive supportive environment for holistic wellness.

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The Centre's accessibility statement is here.

Covid and mpox safety at the London LGBTQ+ Community Centre:

To keep our community safe, we ask that all visitors do not visit the Centre if they are feeling any Covid-19 and/or mpox symptoms including headache, fever, sore throat, consistent cough, chills and unusual spots, scabs or ulcers.

You can wear a mask if you feel more comfortable. We also have masks and hand sanitiser available at the Centre.

For current information on Covid and mpox please visit the NHS website.