Built Environment Trust


Originally established in 1963 as the Building Centre Trust, the Trust was re-established in 2015 as a new charity called the Built Environment Trust (BET).

We are an independent charity best known for the Building Centre, a dynamic hub which brings together designers, product manufacturers and the public in the centre of London, established in 1931 and based at 26 Store Street as the Centre for the Built Environment.

The built environment is all around us, it includes the buildings we use but also the space between them, such as roads and parks. The Built Environment Trust is looking to better understand and communicate the social impact our surroundings have on people and communities.

In 2022 we launched BET Learning. This programme aims to inspire a wide range of audiences, such as schools, young people, families and adults to connect with the built environment, involving participants in activities linked to everyday life and empowering them to influence the world around us.

Underpinning all this is our vision and focus on how humans connect with the built environment, not just as a career but as a fundamental part of our daily lives. Our wish is to create understanding and appreciation for where we live, work, learn and play and how it impacts on our and society’s well-being.