No Child’s Life Chances Should Be Limited By Their Social Or Family Circumstances.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

“Social work is about working out a way to make life better for a child in a difficult situation, using whatever resources you have available. That could mean working with the family, the child’s school, youth workers and the police. This also means understanding the child’s current situation and really getting to know a child and what is happening in their day to day life.” – Frontline fellow, Miles

Social workers support some of the most disadvantaged children and families across the country. On our two-year graduate programme, you will make a real, positive difference to the lives of the children and families you work with, and play a crucial role in your local community. You will also gain skills in leadership, conflict resolution and relationship building to help you thrive in this dynamic and challenging role.

“The coronavirus pandemic has massively reduced the amount of time social workers can spend face-to-face with families. But behind closed doors, there are still many children in need of support from their social worker. It is absolutely vital, therefore, that we continue to build strong trusting relationships with the children and families we are supporting at this difficult time.” – Dan Bridge, Frontline participant

Throughout the pandemic, social workers have had to adapt and find new, creative approaches to supporting families in lockdown. The full impact of coronavirus on child protection will only become clear once the immediate health threat has receded and children return to school. One thing we know, however, is that excellent social work will be needed more than ever.

As a charity, we are committed to increasing diversity and inclusion across the Frontline programme. Almost a third of the children who social workers support identify as Black, Asian or minority ethnic, and we believe social workers should reflect this diversity and the diversity of all the communities they serve.

Join us, and together we can deliver social change for children who do not have a safe or stable home.

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