Visit to London Metropolitan Archives

Wednesday, June 12, 2024 London LGBTQ+ Community Centre 60-62 Hopton Street Thames Path, Bankside London SE1 9JH

London Metropolitan Archives looks after nearly 1,000 years of the history of London and Londoners.

Our oldest document that tells what we would recognise as an LGBTQ+ story dates back to the year 1394.

Come along to see this special document and 630 more years of LGBTQ+ history!

Wednesday 12 June (Pride)

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To mark Pride month, we'll be taking a trip to the London Metropolitan Archives. 

Wednesday 2 October (QTIBPOC only)

In celebration of Black History Month, we're inviting LGBTQ+ Black people and people of colour to visit the London Metropolitan Archives.

Please only book this ticket if you're QTIBPOC.