The House of Happiness - PRIDE PARTY

Sunday, May 28, 2023 Fire & Lightbox 6 South Lambeth Place London SW8 1SP

June is officially Pride Month & with tons of Pride events taking place over the summer, what better way to celebrate than with The House of Happiness PRIDE PARTY!

As many of y'all know by now, The House of Happiness is queer led & delivered but created for ALL - and as a team, we are SO PROUD that we've created a space under our roof for individuals & groups from across sober communities, the LGBTQ+ community, the sober curious and our amazing allies all round. And it's become a HOUSE FULL OF PURE LOVE & ACCEPTANCE!

B eing queer and/ or being sober isn't just about overcoming challenges or struggles. QUEER JOY & SOBER JOY are REAL. They're a reason to be PROUD & need to be CELEBRATED!!

S O, as London's ULTIMATE SOBER CLUBBING EXTRAVAGANZA, we're inviting you to celebrate Pride with us on 28 MAY as we come together for another EPIC DAY RAVE - free to be who we are, love who we want, dance, shout about sober joy & ALL the energy, love & friendships in THIS HOUSE!

A s usual, you can expect...

  • A FLAMBOYANT AFFAIR all round from our talented, passionate & lively DJS, DANCERS, GUESTS & TEAM

Whether you've given up booze for good... or you're just taking a break but still LUUUURVE to PARTY & DANCE... or simply want to see if you can have a good time without being battered... THIS. EVENT. IS. FOR. YOU.

G rab your EARLY BIRD TICKETS - available until 7 MAY!

H ead on over to our LINKTREE for pics of previous events, articles and our social media pages.

Our PRIDE PARTY will be our 5TH SESH - And we love that many of you keep coming back for more. We also love seeing so many new faces too! Keep spreading the word - your support, feedback & energy means THE WORLD to us. Lotsa love, The House of Happiness Team aka Emma, Jayney & Neil x

The House of Happiness is an LGBTQ+ led & delivered venture created for ALL with an interest in having a cracking alcohol-free good time. We want to create a space where YOU, our guests, are FREE to be themselves; to dance, express & LIVE YOUR BEST LIVES! Everyone is welcome but we have NO TOLERANCE for any of the following: homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, racism, ableism, misogyny or any other similar bullshit.

We want YOU to raise our BIG COLOURFUL roof. As long as you stick to 'The House' Rules. What are they you may ask?! Well...

  • Everyone is welcome in The House of Happiness as long as you welcome everyone in return.
  • It's an alcohol & substance free House. Buzzing from the music & awesome company is totally cool.
  • Keep it kind, respectful & fun. We want everyone to have a good time free from any drama or crappy attitudes.

So, grab your tickets, dress up or dress down, & we'll see you ON THE DANCEFLOOR!


*The House of Happiness is an adult only event. Whilst we love kids, it's a clubbing experience and therefore over 18s only.

**We are unable to offer refunds. If you purchase a ticket but can't make the date, your ticket will be rolled over to the next event.

* ** You may notice our tickets prices have increased slightly. This is so we can continue to cover rising costs whilst still giving YOU the sober clubbing experience you deserve & that we've become know for. We don't wanna scrimp but we get we're in a cost of living crisis too... so we promise not to raise them more than this for the rest of the year. Thanks for understanding x


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