Queer Salsa

Sunday, June 23, 2024 London LGBTQ+ Community Centre 60-62 Hopton Street Thames Path, Bankside London SE1 9JH

Come have fun and learn some basic cross body salsa moves!

This class is for people who have never tried salsa or would like to practise the basics. You don´'t need to bring a partner as you will dance with everyone.

We will practise the basic step, side step and the right turn. If there is enough time we can also cover the cross body turn. We will give some time at the end to practise at your own rhythm, mingle and get to know each other.

About the facilitators:

Patty (she/her) is a a regular at the London LGBTQ+ Community Centre and a salsa enthusiast from Spain.

With her love for dance and passion for fostering meaningful connections, she knows firsthand that queer salsa isn't just about the steps- it's a vibrant expression of personality and a chance to forge deep connections with fellow queers.

So, get ready to shimmy and twirl with us, and let's create a celebration of self and community together!

Abi (she/her) fell in love with salsa and can't wait to share the joy and freedom she's found in it with you.

She's committed to building inclusive spaces with Queer Salsa where we can come together and celebrate our beautiful community. She'll be helping you build confidence, rhythm and connection so you can shine your brightest on the dance floor!

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The Centre's accessibility statement is here.

If you have any access requirements for this event, get in touch with us at hello@londonlgbtqcentre.org. 

Covid and Mpox safety at the London LGBTQ+ Community Centre:

To keep our community safe, we ask that all visitors do not visit the centre if they are feeling unwell including headache, fever, sore throat, consistent cough, chills and unusual spots, scabs or ulcers.

You can wear a mask if you feel more comfortable. We also have masks and hand sanitiser available at the Centre.

For current information on Covid-19 and mpox please visit the NHS website.