Parent, Gay, Lesbian, and Queer: One woman’s experiences

Tuesday, June 27, 2023 Kilburn Library 42 Salisbury Road London NW6 6NN

Kilburn Library Coffee Morning

We have invited Helen Spedding, who will give an honest, hopefully humorous view of life as a gay woman and parent, the impact of homophobia (we are all different, aren’t we?) and how and why changes in society and attitudes really do matter.

Helen is a gay British woman, who came out in her mid-twenties and who has a teenage child with two mothers.

This is a personal take on one aspect of your identity being ‘different’ to the mainstream and what it can take to gain pride in your whole self. Should you not have really interacted with a gay person, are an ally, or want to know what this ‘Pride’ thing is, come along and listen, ask, hopefully laugh and perhaps see that being gay doesn’t make her any more different to other people than any of us are. She’s just ‘Helen’, who happens to be gay as well as a daughter, sister, aunt, parent, friend, partner and work colleague.


Event Accessibility

Kilburn Library is a fully accessible building with an accessible toilet.

There is no car park.