Libraries and LGBTQIA+ - a talk by LC Chung

Friday, June 14, 2024 Shoe Lane Library 1 Little New Street #Hill House London EC4A 3JR

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Join us for an engaging talk on 'Libraries and LGBTQIA+', where we will explore the pivotal role of information literacy in empowering marginalised communities. We will journey through the history of LGBTQIA+ representation in libraries, addressing the sometimes problematic subject headings and practices of the past. Ending on a positive note, discover the strides we have made at Kings College library to foster a more inclusive and welcoming space for all. We invite you to share your own insights and experiences, exploring ways to make libraries even more supportive and informative for LGBTQIA+ individuals.

LC Chung is a Committee Member for Proudly King’s, the LGBTQIA+ Staff Network at King’s College London. She also works as a Learning & Teaching Librarian at King’s College London Libraries and Collections, where she designs workshops for students and staff on literature searching and finding library resources.

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