FULL PROGRAMME University of Chester @ Warrington Pride

Saturday, June 17, 2023 University Centre Warrington, Time Square 2 Time Square Warrington WA1 2NT

A bout the event:

The University of Chester is contributing to Warrington Pride 2023 with an exciting day of FREE activities. You can drop in and take part in any of the activities. Click 'reserve a spot' to join any of the events taking place.

**If you would like to attend the talks, we kindly ask that you 'reserve a spot' at those events in addition to booking onto this page. Please see the links below.


11.00am –Talk: ‘Why do we still need Pride?’ Richard Euston (Head of Charity for Chester Pride).

Over the years the LGBTQ+ movement has made amazing strides in pushing for the community to be treated with equal rights and dignity – but there is still so much more we must fight for. This talk explores the main issues that the LGBTQ+ community still faces, and how we can take action individually and as a community to keep progressing.

This talk will be delivered in-person at Time Square and streamed live. Please book on to this event. More information and booking page.


12.15pm – Film: ‘Arial Roots’ – a short film produced by Adam Bennett-Lea about being LGBTQ+ in Warrington. Adam is a very successful film writer from the North West. This short film produced in association with Warrington-based theatre company, Not Too Tame, will be screened and followed by a short talk from Adam and a time to ask questions.


12.45pm – Food: Free vegetarian buffet


1.30pm – The student space

Come and watch some short films and a short talk created by University of Chester students about their experiences of being LGBTQ+

‘Who am I?’ A short film by Lucas Rodrigues (University of Chester student)

‘Dysphoria’ A short film by Jace Traynor-Barry (University of Chester student)

‘The Disconnect: Black Britons and the LGBTQ+ community’ by Tamirah Bass-Grant (former Race Advocate at the University of Chester and current Psychology and Sociology student)


2.00pm – Talk: ‘Rainbow parenting – how to support LGBTQ+ kids.’ Richard Euston (Head of Charity for Chester Pride).

As a parent we always want what’s best for our kids, and want to see them happy and thriving. But it can be difficult to do this when we’re confronted by aspects of their identity that we don’t understand. This workshop will help equip parents with the language and tools they can use to not only understand their LGBTQ+ child, but also how to be an ally and support them through all the challenges they may face.

This talk will be delivered in-person at Time Square and streamed live. Please book on to this event. More information and booking page.

Arts and crafts - Come and join us in creating a large community flag for Pride, make your own pride badge and craft your own bunting! Organised and facilitated by the University of Chester's LGBTQ+ Society.

Artwork on display - Come and view an excellent set of infographic posters produced by first year University of Chester Graphic Design students about LGBTQ+ history and rights.


W ho is it for? Anyone who is interested!


W hat will I get out of it? A chance to see the University building in Time Square, to meet other members of the public supporting Warrington Pride and to celebrate the event with students and staff from the University.