Black Power Women of Brixton Walk (July)

Sunday, July 23, 2023 Brixton Meet point on request london sw2

Black people in Britain fought for civil/equal rights as hard as their American counterparts. The role of women in this struggle has been severely marginalised. This walk will show the life, times, and activities of numerous African/Caribbean women in Brixton. From the 1950's to the 1980's Black women supported and led the anti-racist fight in housing, education, employment, media and politics. We will cover:.

  • Black Panther Women of Brixton
  • How the British school system made Black children 'Educationally Sub Normal'
  • The rise and importance of Saturday Schools and Black teachers
  • Olive Morris, radical, revolutionary and the fight for decent housing in Brixton
  • The legendary Claudia Jones ,1950's newspaper publisher and campaigner
  • How Dame Joceyln Barrow smashed the job colour bar in Oxford street and Brixton
  • The Organisation of Women of Asian and African descent. 
  • The Depo Provera scandal, fibroids, birth control and conspiracy
  • The incredible Gloria Cameron and the Race Relations Act
  • Miss Lou,The Sus law, Mavis Best 

This walk last approximately two hours  .Meet point sent upon booking. Below photo by Neil Kenlock taken in Balham 1972 outside Martin Luther King employment agency. This specialist walk curated by Kelly Foster since 2016 @londonlabrish

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