Author Talk: Surviving Change at Work by Vanessa Gennarelli

Wednesday, January 24, 2024 Online - Wednesday, January 24 · 1 - 2am GMT

Join us in discussion with Vanessa Gennarelli about her new book, Surviving Change at Work.

The reality of working at a high-growth organization can be tough to endure. From product pivots to constantly shifting expectations to personnel turnover, it’s enough to cause whiplash. If this is your first (or second, or even third!) rodeo in a tech job, and you’re wondering how to stay upright amid the tumult, Surviving Change at Work will keep you grounded.

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Vanessa Gennarelli (she/her) led GitHub Education through the acquisition by Microsoft. During her tenure with one of the largest tech companies on the planet, she had a front-row seat to how to navigate cultural differences, integrate new processes, and become more Zen about change as a whole. She is currently writing a book in this area that is forthcoming from A Book Apart.

In Philadelphia, she invests in small businesses through the Circle of Aunts and Uncles, a group dedicated to supporting local entrepreneurs. An Instructional Designer by background, she has her Master’s from Harvard in Technology, Innovation and Education, is a former Research Intern at the MIT Media Lab, and a graduate of the LEAD Program at Stanford Business School. She also sits on the Board of Directors at Circadium School of Contemporary Circus.


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