Asexual and Aromantic Meetup

Saturday, May 18, 2024 London LGBTQ+ Community Centre 60-62 Hopton Street Thames Path, Bankside London SE1 9JH

Asexual and Aromantic Meetup, including In Conversation with Yasmin Benoit, asexual activist and co-founder of International Asexuality Day.

International Asexuality Day was first celebrated in 2021 and takes place every year on April 6. 

As part of the Asexual and Aromantic Meetup on Sunday 7 April, we're holding a special event to mark the occasion with one of the co-founders of the day, Yasmin Benoit. 

We'll have an interview and Q&A session with Yasmin at 3pm, followed by the usual monthly Meetup from 4-5pm. More details about the Meetup below!

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About the Meetup

A relaxed and friendly social meetup for anyone who is, or thinks they may be, on the asexual and/or aromantic spectrums - come along for coffee, cake and a chat!

You might have already been to similar meet ups, or maybe you’ve never actually met another ace or aro person in real life before - either way you’ll be made to feel very welcome.


The Centre's accessibility statement is here.

Covid and Mpox safety at the London LGBTQ+ Community Centre:

To keep our community safe, we ask that all visitors do not visit the centre if they are feeling unwell including headache, fever, sore throat, consistent cough, chills and unusual spots, scabs or ulcers.

You can wear a mask if you feel more comfortable. We also have masks and hand sanitiser available at the Centre.

For current information on Covid-19 and Mpox please visit the NHS website.